Having very recently taken the leap into becoming a fully-fledged freelancer, I have become more interested in finding awesome local spots with a laid-back atmosphere, great coffee and  the holy grail for freelancers – GOOD WIFI. As long as the chosen establishment has fast, reliable wifi, average to moderately good coffee, a modicum of peace and quiet and just a little something to keep the food monsters at bay, it’ll do fine in my books. Here’s my guide to a few really cool local spots where you can hang out, chill out and plug in.

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Sound Cafe.

Sound Cafe is a fairly new addition to the Ballito restaurant scene but they’re already making their mark – on me at least! The coffee is good, the view across the whole of Ballito is second to none, and their wifi is an absolute pleasure to behold. Cue tears of joy. They also do a poached egg and avo on toast special with a cappuccino for 35 bucks which is pretty cool if you’ve got a case of the morning rumblies.

*rumblies* a state of hunger induced when you’ve snoozed your alarm so often that you’ve had to forego breakfast in order to arrive on time for your morning meeting.

You can find Sound Cafe on the ground floor of Warne House or visit them on Facebook HERE.

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Concha is an absolute delight in every way, and it’s one of my favourite places to go when I need a change of scenery. Whatever time of the day you go, you’re guaranteed a big smile from everyone who works there, as well as phenomenal coffee and amazing food. Concha truly has it all and I can’t speak more highly of one of the newest additions to Ballito’s breakfast / lunchtime offering. The wifi is fast and reliable and there are ample places to plug in if you’re working or catching a quick bite or morning meeting. You can grab a cappuccino & one of their amazing freshly-baked croissants for under R50 so at this point, I’m wondering what you’re still doing here?

You can find Concha at Shop 1, 18 Compensation Road in Downtown Ballito, or visit them on Facebook HERE.

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The Workstation.

The Workstation in Umhlali is a modern, shared office space that sees a lot of young professionals coming and going to grab a coffee or a quick meeting with a colleague. You’ll get a cappuccino the size of your face for R25 and a good ol’eggs on toast for R16 and their wifi is super fast and stable (cue angel song.) They have comfy couches if you’re looking to relax as well as a kid’s play area for when you’re feeling particularly nimble.

The Workstation is situated on Main Road, in Umhlali or you can find them on Facebook HERE.

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Counter Culture. 

Counter Culture has been around for a few months now and they’ve managed to add a really unique, trendy element to the fledgling but rapidly growing coffee scene on the North Coast. This slick joint has a super modern, industrial vibe, an eclectic menu and some of the best coffee Ballito has to offer. As a working space, I really enjoy it in that it’s cool and quiet despite the bustle of people coming and going. Their wifi is more than decent, and plus you just have that extra ‘cool by association’ factor that goes along with being surrounded by badass motorcycles as you sip on your morning brew.

They’ve got some interesting breakie options for 30 bucks and under such as their PB and J toast – R30, Cereal of the Day – R30 (coco pops for the win) and epic brownies for R12 to give you a bit of a boost when when the mid afternoon slump hits and your inbox is snarling at you like a hungry beast.

You can READ MORE about Counter Culture in a blog post we published a while back. Find them at 22 Sandra Road, Balvista Centre, Ballito or on Facebook HERE.

Restaurants and cafes with great free wifi and a good environment for working are becoming more and more popular here in Ballito and it is so exciting to see the young entrepreneur and freelancer culture growing and explanding on the North Coast! Are there places we’ve missed or ones that you’ve really enjoyed? We’d love if you could leave your suggestions in the comments below, and we’ll be sure to give them a try!