You may have noticed some changes taking place at I Love Ballito! Over the past few months we have been hard at work recreating the I Love Ballito brand and our vision for what is possible for the future of I Love Ballito is super exciting…We will, first and foremost, be focusing on you, the community and creating a platform that allows you to see, acknowledge and appreciate the beauty, the life and the vibrancy that we have here in Ballito. We see ourselves, too, as digital connectors, combining our knowledge and expertise of the digital landscape with our access to an abundance of information about local happenings, events, people and businesses.

We gave our I Love Ballito logo a refresh – doesn’t it look awesome?!

Our platforms will be focusing on being a lot more content-based, whether it’s compelling video, spectacular imagery or informative pieces about interesting things that are happening in Ballito or noteworthy people we have met. More than anything else, everything we do will be geared towards celebrating what we have here and whats great about local.

But BALLITO we need your help! If you have a business, or simply just share our vision of creating a platform that showcases everything that is great about Ballito then please let us know! Whether it’s an awesome new restaurant, inspiring business idea, exciting collaboration, local events or really cool people doing epic things in our area, we want to know about it!

We are not here to report the news, we think there is enough of that available and it’s done well, but what we would like is to invite you to a sense of real joy, happiness and excitement for what we have here in Ballito and for what the future holds for us. We are so excited to embark upon this new journey of discovering and uncovering everything that makes us happy to call Ballito our home.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please send us a mail on We look forward to hearing from you!