If you live in Ballito, you’ve probably noticed that the old Ballito Bay mall has been inactive for the last couple of years. However, all that is about to change thanks to an exciting new development called Odyssey! Massive strides have been taken, both architecture and design-wise, in order to rebuild and rebrand the mall, thereby creating a dynamic and transformative shopping mall experience.

Odyssey is Ballito’s first mixed-use development and is comprised of various innovative sectors, namely: healthcare, retail, office space, and exclusive residential opportunities all within one area and all within close proximity to one another. The stylish residential component of Odyssey is set to officially launch within the first quarter of 2020. 

Odyssey will provide a first-class shopping experience by means of an expansive and unique supermarket, an array of trendy boutiques and a high-powered, adrenalin pumping gym.

“Designed to tower over other buildings in the area in height and showcase exceptional architectural design, Odyssey sets out to bring innovative lifestyle solutions to the Ballito area. As one of the few live-work-play, mixed-use developments to hit KwaZulu-Natal’s shores; Odyssey is the first to introduce a day hospital in the mix,” shares Charles Taylor, Odyssey developer representative.

“We would like to provide a place where visitors and even residents have everything they need and more in one place. Odyssey will become a dynamic urban experience; one of the elements introduced to Odyssey will be an exceptional sky bar, that will be the highest commercial point of central Ballito and is envisioned to offer unobstructed views of the Ballito landscape and Indian Ocean,” shares Neil Cocker, Odyssey retail developer representative.

“Technology, modern-day lifestyles and the Ballito outdoor, health-conscious community influenced the design of Odyssey. Our residential offering will pioneer global architectural designs, state-of-the-art fixtures, premium finishes, open-plan designs and will become the epitome of convenient living in the Ballito area,” Taylor continues.

We are all eager to watch the old Ballito Bay Mall undergo its architectural metamorphosis and emerge victoriously into a chic and modern shopping experience for all. Odyssey will create an abundance of new tourism opportunities, showcasing Ballito’s boundless potential across the board.