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The Skinny on Kids Parties..

Birthday Parties. My boys talk about their party all year round, and I am often asked questions like, ”Why can’t I have 5 birthdays? and Mom, how many sleeps until my birthday? Next to Christmas, it is THE highlight of their year. They also plan their party all year round and come up with some over the top and sometimes near to impossible requests . I am coming to the time of year where their planning and dreaming falls on me to faithfully execute.While I’m unable to conjure up real monster trucks or dinosaurs/ dragons, I can dazzle them with some ideas from parties we have attended over the years and lots of chats from some very clever mommy friends of mine.

Hiring a venue has so  many pros and luckily for us there is so much variety here on our doorstep. Here is my round up of some lesser known and some some well known venues for any mom out there searching for something that ticks all the boxes – well not actual dinosaurs/ princesses/pirates /  monster trucks- but the essentials for a successful shindig!

First up is Funky Monkey. New-ish to Ballito and open weekdays too for an instant cabin fever cure. This venue should soon become a go- to option for all families with small kids especially on rainy days. Their party packages have great value – everything from invites, party packs and platters. It is a child’s utopia and I was even tempted to dive bomb into the plastic balls that my kids delighted in burying themselves in and chucking around.

Everything has been taken care of even the weather as it is all indoors. Their child minders are attentive and at no point did I feel my kiddos were not being watched. Their packages can be found HERE.

Next up – we are spoilt with 2 Jump Parks one at the junction and one at Sugar Rush. (Their party packages can be found at – Sugar Rush Jump Park http://www.thejumppark.co.za/ 22 Jump Street Ballito Junction http://22jumpstreet.co.za/parties/jump-parties/) Who doesn’t love to jump in endless amounts of foam ? Not a hard sell to any kid ( or adult!) and an instant mood booster too. Sugar Rush as a venue has so many options for children of all ages – from their enclosed play area in their garden for little kids,  to booking a mountain bike ride for older kids.

In the same direction and a little more off the beaten track is Ballito Laser Tag. Past Cappeny Farms and into the Sugar Cane fields, it is a gem of a find. Catering to older children 7 and up and Splash and Dash Parties for ages 2 and up. This outdoor option of obstacle courses and activities looks like incredible fun for boys and girls.

For my boys and their friends. this would be an unforgettable time bringing out their inner secret agent / cop or robber / soldier / superhero. A covered area for spectators has been set up overlooking the expanse of rolling sugar cane fields, their Facebook page with their rates and packages can be found HERE.

No list would be complete without a mention of the Flag Farm. A deserving firm favorite on the North Coast. A guaranteed kid pleasing with venue  indoor and outdoor play areas and a big selection of party nooks to host the special day. I also love that they are a safe haven for animals. Having saved thousands of animals over the years, it always feels good to support something of such value.  Their various packages can be found HERE.

This is just a small roundup – there really are so many options, from Lucky Linton, Karibu  to Burnedale, The Place  or even hosting a day on the beach for the most relaxed party. If you are lucky enough to live inside an Estate, the communal areas are a no brainer. We especially love Brettenwood’s bamboo forest, water slides and tree house. I have less than a month to plan my little guy’s day and have so much to choose from here on the North Coast which really is THE place to raise a family. Of the venues I have mentioned, I have nearly made up my mind but  I would also love to hear of any other unusual venues and activities you may have come across!

*Some of the venues mentioned have not been photographed as the lighting was not sufficient for good photos – if you would like more information on any of these venues please get in touch with us!

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