The Free Yourself Studio is an awesome new open studio for hire located inside the 22 Jump Street indoor entertainment centre. the Studio is focused on uplifting The community, giving them a safe convenient place to learn and grow beyond their limits, focusing on building one’s self through dance, self-defence, drama, yoga and much more. Basically the Free Yourself Studio can be used for anything that requires a safe, secure open space located indoors.

So what does the Free Yourself Studio name stand for?

“The reason behind the name, Free Yourself Studio is no matter what age you are, young or old. We are looking for freedom through expressing ourself in different ways and we felt it fitting to name the studio that to encourage our community to do just that, to free themselves through the activities that will be hosted here.” – Kevashan Ethiraju, Marketing Manager of 22 Jump Street

Interested in finding out more? want to hire out the studio for your own fun activity or event?