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The Ballito rocks craze!


Trying to find things to do with the kids? Ballito Rocks is an awesome initiative and the kids really enjoy being involved. Not only can rock painting keep the kids entertained for hours, the benefit of exercise on the promenade is also not to be sneered at! From Concha to Willard’s Beach is a good two-kilometre walk, so there and back is four kilometres! So, it’s great exercise for the whole family and if you do it under the weekly or daily guise of finding or hiding your painted rocks, then that is a win-win for everyone!


How does it work? You paint rocks and hide them on the promenade. Those walking either move the rocks around or, if it resonates with you, you may take it to keep it for a week and bring it back once you have loved it for someone else to love, or replace it with one you have painted! A clever mom allows her kids to pick up one a week and bring it back the week after thereby allowing her kids to choose one favourite (and in return allowing others the opportunity to see and move or keep a rock). Rock hoarding en masse is frowned upon. 


About Ballito Rocks 

How awesome would it be to find a beautifully painted rock while at the beach, park or on your walk in Ballito and surrounds?


Ballito Rocks is a rock painting group inspired by the worldwide kindness movement called Kindness Rocks started by Meagan Murphy. The idea behind Kindness Rocks is to spread kindness, happiness and inspiration through painted rocks hidden in the community for strangers to find – a random act of kindness. The idea is to inspire, motivate and put a smile on someone’s face. It’s great fun for the whole family!


You can read more about it here: www.thekindnessrocksproject.com

Follow the Ballito Rocks Facebook page!


Here’s how it works:

– Get some rocks (from the beach or the shop). Decorate your rocks with acrylic paints, sharpie pens or markers. Get creative!

– On the back of your rock put the following: “Keep or re-hide” and “Post on Ballito Rocks Facebook group” or “#BallitoRocks”.

– Once you have completed your art rock, it is recommended that you seal it with a sealer to make it weatherproof.

– Please do not glue any extras onto your rock (like eyes or feathers) as this may fall off and create litter and cause harm to some creatures.

– Go out and ‘hide’ your art rock for someone else to find! Place your pebbles on public land only (not on any private property!). 

– If you find a rock, share a picture of it on the Facebook group and decide whether you wish to keep it or re-hide it!

– If you spot some litter while out, please pick it up and throw it in the bin too!


This is meant to be fun for all ages and abilities. So, get creative and get outside! Peace, love and joy! 

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