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Survival Guide for North Coasters on a rainy day!

This is definitely NOT the article I had planned on writing. But sometimes, it actually does rain here. The type of rain and cold that sets and parks itself well in. So we became  properly parked in on a recent rainy day and what I planned on doing went out the window because it required * some * sunshine not this saturated and chilly weather which being a proper North Coaster I don’t even own the proper clothing for! SO we bunkered down, prisoners to this gloroius rain which we so badly need. As a parent being stuck indoors  can be nightmarish stuff and can make for a very long day. Before long big and little people get bored and cranky. So cranky scratchy caged animals we were and what were we to do? For you people without kids , curling up in under a duvet with a good book or a good dose of Social Media or hot chocolate and a movie is pretty much THE plan.

JUL 2016_ I heart BALL

But it seems that most of the North Coast is populated by families. By large families too!  What to do? Movies at Gateway is out the question ( also because we have seen Finding Dory and know we will be watching again and again when it gets onto DVD so this is really a sanity saving tactic too). This is a question I had with a mom to 4 little kids a few days previously. We both came up with nothing. And so the idea for this article began. So Northcoasters; here is your Offiicial Survival Guide for a Rainy Day for Families. Because I think we need one, just as some may need Bear Grylls if they ever find themselves stuck in the wildnerness,  we need one for cold and wet weather.

1) No sugar . Absolutely no sugar! The sugar induced frenzy will have everyone climbing walls very quickly.

2) A bit of tag teaming may be required. One parent chilling the other fending off the caged animals. (I’ve heard this tactic used for hangovers too)

JUL 2016_ I heart BALL FORT

3) One thing I have done before is visit the library. We have 2 in our area and they are both lovely and so worth the visit. Huddled under blankets with a book with your kids is just THE best.

4) Remember the days of making forts with blankets and cushions? A puppet show or a shadow show?  These are a favourite go – to  for my family. Even better if you have visited the library and can read books by torch light in the fort.

I Love Ballito Fort

5) The most obvious and fun one : one puddle crashing. Need I say more ?

6) Make comfort food with the Kids – whatever that is for you.

7)  Or how about a take away curry if you don’t feel like cooking? Legendary Cindy’s Mutton curry and roti anyone? Or Pizza take out?

So North Coasters let’s add to the list! The challenge is on.What DO you and your family do on a rainy day? I think we need to add to the official survival guide ? A good go – to guide for when you feeling out of your depth and maybe it’s month end too and you can’t hit the malls ? Let’s have your ideas.

PS The cat is random but hey… He looks how I wish I could’ve spent the day… 😉

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