My husband has a saying about himself and our boys! You may agree or disagree, but the theory is this: Men and boys pretty much stop growing up at about age 5, in respect of their toys. I mean no disrespect or offense to anyone but what my husband is saying is that men don’t lose their sense of play- whether it’s tinkering on a car, racing a motorcross bike, having fun in a jetski or on a boat. The toys are the same, just the size of the kid and toy changes.  I got to see this theory in action recently when we took our boys to go  go-carting at Ace Karting on the Ballito Bay Mall rooftop.

i love ballito ace karting

What a thrill! As something to take the whole family to its such a win/win. Dad gets to be a kid again and the kids get to in part live out their play almost for real. Searching for something to do, Â we took our troop one late afternoon ,and, as a side note: what a cool venue! Open pastel blue skies on an empty rooftop, you get a sense of space while surveying the stunning inland views of the iconic North Coast sugar canefields which blanket the landscape and distant hills. The sunsets must be amazing to view from here, and we felt somewhat tucked away from the hubbub of Ballito below.

i love ballito ace karting ballito

And so against a backdrop of cranes of the neighbouring Ballito Junction and the Ballito ‘Rush hour’ below, the boys started each of their turns in a race cart. Held in the safety of their dads protective embrace, they had what I think may be the highlight of their little lives so far… ( second only to the waterslide at Brettenwood!)

i love ballito ace karting ballitoI, the dutiful spectator, filmed each lap inhaling petrol fumes and cheering them on. My youngest, only 4, egging his dad on and yelling Faster! Faster! Faster!’ gave ME such giggles ( and at the same time horrid visions of a future adrenaline junkie with broken bones!) The only drawback for our family was negotiating whose turn it was and for my husband not having at least one lap on his own! That, and, I ended up having sore cheeks from all the smiling and laughing.

i love ballito ace karting ballito

We can all honestly say what a cool way to burn 45mins to an hour! I know our children wont forget this afternoon any time soon and I’m sure they will have  lasting memories of themselves whizzing around a race track – the wind whipping in their faces while safely tucked in their dads arms. As a family outing its something so different to the norm, well our norm at least. I cant believe we have taken so  long to try it out and if you haven’t – you should too and I’m sure you wont regret it. Kids or not its a pretty great way to spend an afternoon at play and access your inner child or alter ego adrenaline junkie speed