Something all parents can relate to is being the taxi for your children… That first day of school is such a joy – you are beaming with pride as your little one takes on school and all the related activities that come with it. But then, as my husband would put it, the tekkie hits the road. Umhlali parents and Ashton parents are all too familiar with the school run grind. I have yet to experience this, I’ll find out next year and I’m hoping you Umhlali Prep veterans are exaggerating and that it’s not too bad?

bench press coffee I love ballito ballito

One small consolation is that you can now get a convenience cup of coffee on your school run, and a good one too! It might almost make sitting in traffic a pleasure if you’re sipping on a hot cup of caffeinated goodness as you conservatively bob your head to your favourite tunes. For me one it’s one of the best cups of coffee on the North Coast – I know that’s a pretty big claim considering our ever-discerning collective palate and the calibre of coffee shops springing up all over town. I also know that as write that sentence the owner of the Bench Press Coffee Company, Ant Carr, will humbly refute the claim.But that’s part of who he is and no reflection on his crazy passion for coffee, and his knowledge of coffee and procuring the perfect bean and the art to making creamy silky foam for a perfect cuppa.There is another reason why The Bench Press Coffee company caught my attention.

i love ballito bench press coffee

They aren’t just in the game of giving you a cup of coffee on the go but rather using coffee as a vehicle for raising and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs or even helping a student earn money while they study. In a country where unemployment is at an all time high, it’s easy to get despondent and surrender to the belief that we can’t make a difference and  impact and improve the lives  of others. The results of unemployment on a community can be a soul destroying cycle but this start-up company is founded on the desire to help make a long term change. To raise up a Barista so that they are running their own stand, this little portable business in turn teaches the logistics of running a company as well as earning the Barista some much needed income. I love that instead of expecting change, this is a company wanting to give long-term solutions to a problem using what they have on hand. In this case it’s coffee. I firmly believe if we bring what we have to raise up and encourage others – the community benefits in ways we can’t imagine.

bench press coffee i loveballito

It also speaks volumes of our North Coast community here that we are resourceful, that we are a bunch of creative entrepreneurs living bravely and willing to  step up to the challenge of impacting communities and seeing that big differences can be made doing seemingly small things.Next time you are at a Sports event or stuck in traffic on your school run, look out for the Bench Press Coffee company – you won’t be disappointed by the coffee AND you will be supporting a great initiative. At the time of writing this article there are exciting things on the horizon for this new venture and who knows where the next  bench and Barista will be popping up!

Rebecca Rottcher is a local mom, and a talented writer and photographer! Find more of her work on her blog Wild & Whimsy.