Angelique, Bryde and Aubrey are three of the most dynamic, fun and bubbly young professionals I’ve met in a while, and together with physiotherapist Stella Schroder make up the team at Northcare Medical in the new Simbithi Office Park. Angelique (whom I meet first) reminds me of a mischevious elf with her short, dark hair cut into a sleek bob, boundless energy and enthusiasm for her craft. Angelique specialises in Sports Massage which can often in my experience be either insipid and ineffectual or very painful, but the massage I had with her was truly one of my best so far! Her skillful fingers found each knot and tender spot in my back, and the tension she was able to relieve was amazing and has given me so much more ease and comfort with my body.


Next up on the Northcare team is Bryde, the biokineticist, who has the most calm and soothing way about her and is such a pleasure to be around! As she performs her posture assessment on me, I feel her firm, yet gentle hands navigating their way around my muscles, looking for any signs of imbalance or abnormality. Surprisingly, I pass her assessment with almost full marks and Bryde leaves me with some useful information about my posture, and things to be aware of when I am working at my desk, carrying heavy bags or exercising.

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Aubrey, the newest member of the Northcare team is also qualified in Sports Massage, and has specialised in the area of sports injuries and recovery. She loves being able to work with athletes who would like to keep their muscles in optimum condition during training and recommends that they come for regular massages to maintain their muscles, and preferably not only when there is an injury.  I could close my eyes and listen to her talking forever – her Florida accent mixed with a touch of South African is just so soft and melodious that I almost drift off into a daydream just talking to her.

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Together the three of these beautiful local ladies are making their mark on Ballito with their special, nurturing brand of physical therapy and they would really love to see more people taking care of their bodies and becoming more aware of what is available to them in terms of corrective measures and pain relief. Their vision is to create an ecosystem of therapy that caters to and supports people with any physical challenges, or people who would simply like to improve their body’s condition and form. Working together synergistically using each of their chosen modalities, they are able to offer patients a palette of treatments that is quite unique! As a team, one of their most ardent passions is working with and treating pregnant women all the way throughout pregnancy – whether it be with gentle exercise, breathing work or massage which can all contribute to a much easier birth experience.

Many people are not aware that surgery can often be avoided with one or a combination of physio, biokinetics and massage and the team at Northcare Medical are staunch advocates of this. Their mission is to educate people and make them more aware that they do not have to live with pain – there is an easy alternative and a different way of being with their bodies, a way of living that is easier, greater and more pain-free. Keep it up ladies, you’re doing an amazing job!

To get in touch with the ladies from Northcare Medical, please give them a call on 032 815 0630 or visit them at the Simbithi Office Park, Unit 222.