It has come to my attention that I am somewhat of an expert on Freelance Workspaces; something that takes many moons of assessing and requires a level of skill. OK, the latter of that sentence was a joke, but you soon learn where you can and cannot work. You need the right balance of WiFi, yummy food, Personality Potion aka COFFEE, great service and pleasant surroundings. Not only are we spoilt for choice on the North Coast, they are all close enough in distance that you can visit them all on the regular without racking up the mileage on your vehicle.

Freelancers who often travel for work struggle to rent office or desk space as you’re not usually around long enough to enjoy your investment. A restaurant works best, as you don’t have to break the bank for a good coffee and chow. However, it can go south very quickly if the staff make you feel uncomfortable about sitting at your table for too long or not ordering enough for the length of your stay.

After several months of investigating, the Lamb Freelancer Analysis is complete!


My go-to, like literally, 4-5 times a week type of place. The location on it’s own would draw me in; how can you get frustrated with work if you can see WHALES over your laptop? The staff is also super accommodating of my veggie-vibes, happily substituting stuff for the greener variety.

Fego Café:

This joint at Tiffany’s had me feeling all types of surprised, in the best way! The staff give you the BIGGEST smile on arrival and enjoy a laugh with their customers. There are also a ton of vegetarian options on the menu and the WiFi is decent. Definitely worth a visit if you’re more towards Salt Rock way!

The Workstation Eatery:

Whenever I walk into this place I feel like a Throwback Thursday bubble transporting me back to Cape Town. Beautiful attention to detail in their interior design and the food is INCREDIBLE, healthy and hearty meals galore along with fresh juices. The right balance of smart and Ballito which makes it the perfect spot to meet up with clients.

Being a freelancer in Ballito is nothing short of ‘living the dream’ and with offices such as these… why would you want to be anywhere else? As a freelancer, you need to be careful in separating work and home as it’s something I have learnt over time. Do yourself a favour – take your laptop, diary & personality, and set up shop at one of the above places for the day!