What we’d really love to start doing with this series is introducing you to some familiar and even some not-so-familiar faces around Ballito “ the movers, the shakers, and the out of the box thinkers that make up our beautiful town! One such person I met recently is Kelly Gallagher “ owner of Tiffany’s Beauty Salon at the Tiffany’s Shopping Centre in Salt Rock. Every time I visit Tiffany’s,I get such a strong sense that I have returned home… To a place where my body and mind breathe a sigh of relief and I know I will leave feeling totally cared for, nurtured and pampered in every way. Kelly’s presence is so tangible in the small touches I see around the salon and although she has temporarily stepped away from doing treatments to start a family, this has only served to intensify her focus in many other areas.

ballito tiffanys beauty salon

One of the first things I notice about Kelly is that she seems to have a refreshingly different perspective on doing Business! She really focuses on empowering her staff, and has encouraged each person to excel in what it is that they truly enjoy doing instead of trying to force them into a role they don’t. She finds that this has given them the space and the freedom to explore things at their own pace which eventually lets them realise the skills and talents they have in many different areas.

tiffanys beauty salon ballito i love ballito

When asked what she loves most about Ballito, Kelly pauses a moment and I see her getting lost in the memories in her mind “ there are so many facets that make up the myriad of life here and people always take a few seconds to decide just what it is they love the most. Kelly mentions the people, the weather, the beaches, the vibe The mindset just seems so different! More vibrant, more vital, more full of life and fun! Something about living in a beach town forms people who are always ready for adventure and this comes through in every part of our lives.

tiffanys beauty salon ballito i love ballito

Although Kelly has preferred to stay out of the limelight up until now; with age and experience, she is starting to embrace the idea more and more of acknowledging herself as a Business owner and being comfortable in the public eye! We chat about the next step in terms of getting her Business online which is something Kelly knows is vitally important for her brand and those she represents. The brands Kelly has aligned herself with since the early days of her salon are some of the best out there (Dermalogica and Regim to name but a few) and these kinds of partnerships will ensure that her business remains successful and grows for many years to come. She sees herself as a brand ambassador for her high-end partners and loves that people can get to know them personally through interacting with her online, as well as having a visual platform to learn more about her salon and what they offer. In the future, Kelly tells me she hopes to broaden the professionalism they already focus so strongly on, to constantly keep learning, to strive for better and greater, and always be open to thinking about things in a different way.

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