I Love Ballito

Keeping it Lekker in Ballito!

I recently met a pretty cool dude, by the name of Jacques Lotriet who’s stirring things up in Ballito and beyond with his epic brand of men’s grooming products – Gunwax. Never before have I heard a human being use the word KIFF so often but wow this man has a passion for what he does and it’s pretty hard not to get excited after just a few minutes of chatting to this eclectic individual.

Jacques started growing his own beard and his business a year and a half ago and  to date, the Gunwax range consists of beard oil, beard balm and just a little lip balm for the ladies – who were all stealing their boyfriends and husbands’ products. Jacques’ mom is a chemist, who has helped him create an all-natural blend of ingredients that are super nourishing for both hair and skin.

After a cup of coffee and a bit of a chin-wag, we jumped in the car and went for a ride around town looking for somewhere to snap a couple of pics, eventually settling on an industrial area behind The Workstation in Umhlali – the perfect place to photograph this grungy red-head with his bad-ass beard glinting in the sunlight.

Jacques is huge on supporting local businesses and really believes strongly in business-people working together and collaborating with each other. His main focus for growing his business is building relationships – and he has loved getting to know the many local men’s grooming businesses and barbers who have taken up his brand and his products.

Not smiling in pictures is the new black.

If you would like to order Gunwax products for yourself or your store, you can find them on Facebook by clicking HERE, on Instagram HERE or on the web at www.gunwax.co.za

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