I Love Ballito

Inkungu Lodge Specialising In Luxury Stays For Discerning Guests.


When it comes to spontaneous weekends away the Champagne valley area in the central Drakensberg has an abundance of stunning getaway venues. Though it must be said that there’s one that really stands out for its intimacy and that’s the charming Inkungu Lodge that specialises in luxury stays for discerning guests.

Only a 250km drive from Ballito, perched up high on a valley ridge, Inkungu Lodge has 8 beautiful rooms perfect for newlyweds, couples anniversaries or a well deserved adult family getaway. The venue is well located and offers up an easy way to experience a variety of local activities and amenities without much traveling, and returning to Inkungu at the end of the day really does feel like returning home.

On arrival you’ll encounter the most friendly of welcomes right from when you set foot through the front door, actually from the moment you set foot out of your car. The sparkling personality of the incredible managerial team of Megan and Gary or the owners Kerry and Anton ensure you’re well taken care of, and they are always willing to go above and beyond any requests or preferences.

This exquisite lodge provides a scenic, quiet and safe space for you to relax and unwind while enjoying infinity pools and delicious cocktails surrounded by rose and lavender bushes! Not to mention the unspoilt views that face the majestic Cathkin mountain range and the ever changing weather allows for the most picturesque moments and breathtaking sunsets. These views can be seen throughout the entire lodge. Including the honeymoon suite which is well kitted with everything you could need, from a four poster king size bed with an on suite bathroom, a fireplace, full vanity, bar and private balcony with expansive views of the mountains.

It is a very special place, and Anton and Kerry’s attention to detail is found throughout the venue and even in the Victorian and French antique furniture they’ve personally collected and which serves as the basis of many a story that they, or their team, enjoy sharing with guests.

And if all of this sounds too good to be true, you will be even further lost for words when it comes to their meals! The complimentary breakfast has all breakfast lovers favourites and their dinner time meal will have you eating four delectable courses fit for a king or queen. There is such a uniqueness in their dining experience, that you definitely have to try it!

Needless to say Inkungu Lodge is a must for those who want to be surrounded by beauty, nestled by luxury and satisfied by top notch cuisine.

Watch our Instagram Highlight reel of Inkungu Lodge Here.

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