Dear valued community,

This last week has seen an amazing turnout from community volunteers. We acknowledge that:

  • there able many who were able to do so because of their businesses or places of employment were closed or understanding of the situation, and that some of these men and woman now have to go back to their day-to-day jobs
    a number of volunteers have worked more shifts than what their energy levels allow for and have had to rest

While things seem to have stabilized slightly, those responsible for instigating the unrest and looting have not all yet been apprehended. The risk for further unrest, protests and disruptions remains real.

Additional SAPS and KDM resources have been deployed, but support volunteers are still required to assist at the observation posts. We would like to thank those who have already volunteered and served today.

Should you want to join hands and help as well, we’ve made it very simple to volunteer:

  1. Go to and follow the link
  2. Tell us what shift and station you will be volunteering at
  3. Report to your station, in time for you shift No confirmation needed – report directly to your station, 5 minutes before your shift commences. You will be called if anything changes.

Please note that all volunteer efforts need to be within the confines of the law and the instructions of the local relevant law enforcement authorities need to be strictly obeyed. Activities such as displaying of guns, removing or obscuring license plates while driving around etc are prohibited.

Thanks for continuing to keep our community and our town safe.