Our gorgeous warm weather in Ballito means that we can enjoy the beach all year round! In fact, sometimes those lovely, warm Summer afternoons, without the wind, make for the perfect opportunity to explore the tidal pools in the area. 


Salt Rock Tidal Pool

Situated just a few hundred metres north of Salt Rock beach, we are excited to see that this once-empty rock pool is starting to fill up again! It was drained a few years ago, but the water is coming back, and with it, life! This is a beautiful rock pool to explore and you can expect to find plenty of beautiful fish on your next snorkelling adventure here. 


Ballito Tidal Pool

This tidal pool is right on our doorstep. It also has a shallow section, which makes it perfect for younger kids who are learning to snorkel or who are just building their confidence when it comes to swimming in the sea. It’s a great place to learn how to snorkel, and mom and dad can watch from the beaches around the pool. 


Chaka’s Cove

Next time you’re heading to Salt Cafe, why not take some time to explore the Chaka’s Cove tidal pool, just down the beach access alleyway. It’s not quite as large as Tinley Manor or Thompson’s Bay, but it really is a gorgeous pool. What’s more, despite its size you will still find an array of crustaceans and fish in the pool’s waters. It’s a great morning out for the whole family! 


Thompson’s Bay Tidal Pool

This is perhaps one of the biggest and most well-known tidal pools in the area. In addition to being full of sea life, this tidal pool is also home to one of the south-most coral colonies in Africa. It’s great for both swimming and snorkelling, and very popular amongst both locals and visitors. 


We are so fortunate to have so many incredible tidal pools to explore, and so nearby! For those who want a change from braving the waves, or to enjoy a bit of snorkeling, we’d recommend visiting one of these spots. Why not be a tourist in your own town?