“>East Oasis, (in the old part of Ballito) is somewhere I’ve been thinking of going for ages and on a recent, beautifully cool evening, I decided to pop in for a drink and a bite to eat with some friends We were lucky enough to experience the most spectacular Winter sunset as we sat sipping our colourful drinks in the most comfortable, homely setting. The door of East Oasis has a nautical theme with blue and white scatter cushions, and whimsical wooden ships creating an atmosphere of calm that makes you feel right at home.

i love ballito east oasis inside decor

The menu is modest, yet focused on providing wholesome fare that soothes the soul and comforts the body. Each and every meal served at East Oasis is made using only the best ingredients which means absolutely no artificial products, sauces or anything that isn’t fresh, healthy and home-made EVER. The burger that arrives is an absolute monster of a meal “ a feast of cheese, bacon, and various other delicious toppings, and a patty that tastes of the hours of love that was put into making it. The chicken wings are spicy and salty “ just the way I like them – and the barbeque ribs are so tender that they almost fall off the bone as we lick our fingers with delight. I am hard-pressed to find a speciality of the house “ each dish is so good I think that it must be it until I try the next one!

i love ballito east oasis food

Owner Sean is the perfect host and so attentive to our every desire, offering advice and choice bits of information as he strolls casually between the tables. He casts an eye over our food order and nods his approval when he sees what arrives. Shortly thereafter, as if by magic, a portion of the most deliciously crispy onion rings appears on our table and I know this is Seans doing The Bar at East Oasis is created to encourage patrons to sit together and share stories over their favourite drink, and East Oasis is the only place in Ballito that serves a variety of craft beers, G&Ts AND Sauvignon Blanc on tap which is definitely worth a try even if just for the novelty factor!

i love ballito east oasis drinks

East Oasis is such an appropriate name  somewhere locals can come together in the late afternoon or early evening and chat over a cocktail or share a plate of food and connect with friends old and new. There’s something about watching a beautiful sunset unfold over the ocean that puts me in a reflective mood, and I start thinking about what it is exactly that gives Ballito that almost surreal and magical pull I have yet to experience anywhere else.

i love ballito east oasis view

Is it the fact that, as locals, we are able to come together in any situation and connect on a level that is so much deeper than most? Is it that when we leave, no matter where we’ve been, we always come home with that incredible feeling of returning to something we know and love? Or is that certain something so magical about us Ballito locals that makes home just as much about the people as the place… Whatever it is, we all feel it. It’s home. It’s Ballito.