The I Love Ballito team recently took a little detour off our usual beaten track to visit one of Ballito’s funkiest new coffee spots “ Counter Culture! Everybody’s talking about it and it’s not hard to see why The wall-art is quirky and fun and customised Harley Davidson cruisers gleam amidst modern industrial-looking facebrick walls and steel fittings. Bars of Nostalgic indie tunes play lazily in the background and the aromas of freshly ground coffee fill the air as you sit sipping your perfectly brewed cuppa Joe. The star of the show is undoubtedly the beautiful La Marzocco coffee machine, which works with the skilled barista almost as an extension of his being, producing fragrant cups of steaming goodness filled with unadulterated joy and passion.

i love ballito counter culture

Their menu is an eclectic mix of unusual flavour combinations and whatever it is you feel like, you are guaranteed to find something to tease the most discerning of tastebuds.  We place our order and shortly thereafter, a plate of Buttermilk Flapjacks with bacon, banana and mustard maple syrup arrives and I almost feel a twinge of regret until my breakfast appears Plump poached eggs swimming in the most delicious spicy tomato and onion broth are set before me and like a kid I plow my side order of bacon into the mix and attack with wanton abandon. (My soldiers of toast enter the foray at the last minute for good measure.) The standard fry-up another colleague orders is anything but standard and rather a man-sized portion of eggs any way, bacon, tomato and toast – perfect for the most ardent of morning hunger pangs.

counter culture breakfast i love balllito

A little later on, our waiter chats with us about the merits of cold-brewing coffee which is super interesting and something we have not seen much of here in Ballito. I was a little nervous to try the concentrated cold brew after two cappuccinos and a month-long coffee fast but will definitely be back to try this novel take on a morning hot drink. You’d be forgiven for thinking they were cooking up a particularly potent batch of moonshine but this state of the art Yama cold brew drip tower produces some of the best iced coffee around and with Summer approaching, you might find a cold-brew becoming your beverage choice as the days get warmer and warmer. This bespoke blend is subject to availability so you may want to call ahead if you’d really like to try it. Once they’ve got their liquor licence, they guys at Counter Culture are also looking at offering locally-made Gin and tonics on tap and a selection of craft beers just in case you feel like a cold drink on a lazy Summer’s afternoon. (Watch this space!)

coffee counter culture i love ballito

Old town Ballito has long been in need of an injection of new life and energy and I am super excited to see how this pioneer of coffee culture will develop in the coming months! I find it so interesting to see the bona-fide coffee culture permeating into Ballito as more and more people develop a taste and an appreciation for great coffee made the right way. I relish the notion of counter culture, living outside the norm, creating your own path, embracing the you-ness of you and celebrating the innate qualities that make us different. #GoYou #GoBallito

And just for fun… Coco Pops.

coco pops counter culture i love ballito

You can find Counter Culture at 22 Sandra Road, Balvista Centre, Ballito.