During my time at I Love Ballito, I have met, connected with, coffee’d with, spoken to, laughed and reminisced with so many business-people here on the North Coast – those who have grown up in the same town as me, during the same time, built their businesses and witnessed the same changes as I have as we watch our hometown expanding and shifting into something new and altogether different than it’s ever been before, whilst at the same time retaining that special something that makes Ballito our home. So where to from here?

The new Market retail space at the Lifestyle Centre.

As the world, South Africa and even our home-town enter into a new era in Business, of collaborative, shared work-spaces and companies and the structure of corporates may begin to give way to a new business model,  I feel we will start to allow each other to exist as truly authentic people – accepted and encouraged to embrace our individuality and shine through our idiosyncrasies.

Grant Visagie – local creative & entrepreneur.

As more young, creative people choose to live and work in Ballito, this culture will start to permeate through the lives of everyone who lives here – we will become more inclusive and more accepting of the people around us because at the end of the day we are all pulled and attracted to that unmistakeable pull of this place… That energy that is almost elusive and hard to put into words but is more present than ever before as we realise our collective identity and at the same time celebrate our shared heritage.

Hive – collaborative, shared work-space & coffee shop in Old Town Ballito. (ex Counter Culture.)

At I Love Ballito, we have always seen ourselves as digital connectors, and now more than ever we feel that this shared connection between people will become the string that ties us all together and allows us to create something that has never been possible before.