Today Castaway Love has decided to bring up the topic of recycling clothing and the effect the fashion industry is having on the environment. Living in Ballito there is a strong sense of love for our surroundings with many people recycling as well as promoting going ‘green’. The fast fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world! The first being the oil industry.

It has become so evident of what the fashion industry is contributing towards landfills that big chain stores such as H&M, Zara, American Eagle Outfitters, Levi Strauss, Nike have started calling on people to bring in their pre-worn clothing to be up cycled and reused.

H&M has a bold statement where they say “THERE ARE NO RULES IN FASHION BUT ONE: RECYCLE.” They go on to say that we need to go from a linear model to a circular model. At Castaway Love we believe our initiative supports the circular model and we are happy to be a part of reducing waste.

For many women there are special items that are not being worn and they would like to see some return on those pieces and that’s where Castaway Love comes in. Ladies are able to sell their pre loved clothing and either support the recycling movement by re buying in the store or take the money for personal use. The great thing about this is that they are contributing towards the environments well being by reducing landfills. Everyone likes to do their bit in ensuring that we are moving towards a cleaner future.

Our prices are kept low as to encourage the consumer to invest into this worldwide movement. With the economic crisis we are facing it also makes perfect sense to not go and buy a shirt for e.g. at R500 when you can be getting the identical item at R100. Lets be consumer smart as well as environmentally friendly. Mindful buying can go a long way to making a difference!

To jump on board this initiative please contact us if you have any clothing you would like to sell or come in and find your unique items. Mandy and I are also always available to assist you in finding the look for you or that perfectly fitted / fitting garment. Find and like us on Facebook at Castaway Love and follow us on Instagram at Castaway_love or contact Tanya on 0721330392.