I’ve been hearing about Castaway Love all over the place lately so I decided to pop in and find out more about two spunky ladies that are taking Ballito by storm… In my opinion, there is something so exciting and thrilling about shopping at a second-hand or ‘pre-loved’ clothing store, almost as if you’re embarking on a treasure hunt and you might just find a rare piece that transforms your wardrobe or gets you all the approving nods at a party! When I walk into the Castaway Love boutique for the first time, there is such a sense of being transported somewhere else in time, almost as if the trendy blonde & brunette duo that greet me are the gatekeepers to a parallel universe.


Tanya and Mandy own the Castaway Love store together and they have been close friends and sisters-in-law for years. Originally Durban locals, they both made the move to Ballito in 2008, and shortly thereafter started their first Castaway Love store at The Litchi Orchard. They moved into their new space in Umhlali just under a year ago and since then have been sharing their love for pre-loved fashion with women from far and wide.


They tell me how much they thrive on being at their shop every day which is so evident in the way they interact with their customers and have come to love and appreciate their new local community here in Ballito. The pair are always looking for ways to make a difference and one example of this is their ‘Blessed Betty’ campaign where once a month, they choose a local woman to bless with a makeover, outfits, accessories, beauty treatments and lots more. Such a beautiful and thoughtful initiative!


Mandy & Tanya do regular scouting trips for new stock around the vintage stores in Durban and their beautiful little shop in Umhlali is like a chest of hidden treasures where you’ll almost always find something you haven’t seen before. They’re all about sustainable fashion too, and tell me that the ‘Fast Fashion’ industry is one of the biggest contributors to global waste which is something they’d love to see changing on a worldwide scale.


In addition to pre-loved clothing, this ‘thrift boutique’ stocks a variety of shoes and accessories and one of their favourite things to do is dress someone for a party or a special event and afterwards, hear how special and glam they felt in their outfit! Mandy and Tanya hope to see the retail experience in Ballito changing and becoming more focused on finding one of a kind pieces and bespoke creations and women really coming into their own in terms of fashion and clothing.


The Castaway Love ladies are very active on Social Media and you can find them on Facebook HERE or follow them on Instagram HERE. Their store is situated opposite Umhlali School and their trading hours are Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 9 – 2 and Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9 – 3. If you have any clothing you would like to drop off at Castaway Love, please pop in and they will come back to you with an offer on anything they’d like to keep or you can give them a call on 083 256 0282. Happy Shopping!