In my opinion, teachers are grossly underpaid. Then again maybe they are borderline insane? I mean they choose to spend at least 4 hours ( pre-school ) and longer in primary school with at least 20-30 littles. In a confiined space. There are days when my two can make me a little crazy. Don’t get me wrong – I obviously love my boys but there are those days  where I’m sure I’ve developed a nervous tic during the course of the day. They usually start with Mommy, I’m bored and that’s at 6am. There is still a lot of day left. I then start searching for a cupboard to hide in.

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”6am… I then start searching for a cupboard to hide in.”

If you are a parent I’m sure you have noticed that it’s just a few more days till holidays. Maybe that fills you with dread or maybe with relief. Over the years I’ve fallen into the dread camp and chatted to moms who fall into the relief camp. Moms of this camp insist it’s so much more chilled. Really. More chilled?  I get heart palpitations just thinking of it. I may have given one or two of these moms a death look or at the very least a raised judgemental eyebrow.

2017_ 03 MAR footprints

”…I plan on exchanging sweaty afternoons in dusty carparks… for an extended beach excursion…”

Things might be different this time though, I think I’m falling into the Relief Camp. Still one foot firmly in the Dread Camp but I see why the relief camp exists and I can see their point. We have just finished the first term of grade one I’m actually looking forward to not being  morning drill sergeant and the afternoon killjoy when it’s time to do homework. I plan on having lazy mornings and exchanging sweaty afternoons in dusty carparks for a pool side or an extended beach excursion . Plus- no packing school lunches because I’m now all out of ideas, school lunches have become a tad monotonous now for my poor littles. I’m still a little in the Dread Camp because I work from home and have guilt every time I sit at my desk trying to get work done while fielding the thousands of random questions (why do boys have undies and girls have panties?,  Did you know ..lights glow in the dark? amongst many other of life’s burning questions)

2017_ 02 FEB LION

”Mommy, did you know lights glow in the dark?”

It’s something I have to make peace with or plan around. I only say this because I know there are moms who work full time or work from home and battle the same mommy guilt as me. It especially rears its ugly head during holiday time. Unlike Pinterest, real life is somewhat different. I’m still working this out and have been encouraged lately to seek quality over quantity. I have also been encouraged by a recent article that it’s okay for kids to be bored. That maybe it’s even healthy. It gets their imaginations working. We live in a country that has such an awesome climate – let them run and climb outside, make mud pies and forts and maybe get stuck in a tree. Or draw something because now they choose to do it, not because its homework.



”Just me and the tides…”

When time and weather allows. I’m so looking forward to chilling on one of our local beaches or daytripping North or South exploring a new beach. Maybe even a game reserve now that my kids are old enough to appreciate it.

2017_ 03 09 mar running waves

Even a little more local and convenient is the Salt Rock Country Club if you feel like kicking it Old School. It’s one of our most favourite places and so underrated but we love it because without fail there is always a renunion to be had or new friends to be made for big and little people. I love that so many of our friends have such fond memories growing up and winding down summers around that pool and I hope our kids do too. It’s the priceless stuff that small towns are made of and why it’s so special raising a family here. Plus their curry is SO good. It’s the real deal with generous portions so there is always enough leftover for dinner. Win/Win.

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Salt Rock Dreaming…

Whichever camp you are in , Dread or Relief – please share your ideas on what you will be getting up to with your family or maybe you are encouraged that it’s okay to let the kids be bored. Even better I need some new school lunch ideas for next term! Lastly, teachers, we are all so grateful for the work you do. Enjoy your well deserved rest.You certainly need it!