One of the things I love about my job and about this town is that you get to meet the most amazing people almost every other day. One of my most recent chats was with Bring it on, Ben – who’s 8 years old and quickly becoming a sensation on YouTube with kids and grown-ups alike.The videos he makes range to anything from cool venues, toy reviews, arts and crafts, his favourite recipes or really anything Ben feels like filming at the time. Ben’s mom Carla helps out with editing the videos but Ben has already started editing some of his own (age 8- are you kidding?!) I spent a recent afternoon chatting with Ben and his mom, and their two excitable Boston terriors, Wade & Rosie, so without further ado, I present to you – my time with Bring it on, Ben. (& friends.)


Wade, half of Ben’s pair of Boston Terriors, wanted in on the fame.


Wade the Boston Terrior – 2.0


Ben showing me one of his very first videos, where he made a hand-held sock puppet whom he subsequently named ‘Nameless.’


Ben & his puppet Nameless – The best of friends. Nameless joins Ben on many of his YouTube videos.


Ben with the 2nd puppet he made, the interestingly named Mr McMorial.


Ben sees much of the world as his arts & crafts stage.


Ben is quite the accomplished artist. Here he is showing me one of his abstract works.


Ben and his other best friend, Rosie the Frenchie. It was at this point that we signed off for the day…

Ben has been asked to be a part of lots of exciting projects coming up in the future! If you’d like to explore his YouTube channel, Bring it On, Ben, you can just click HERE.