Body20 for your Summer Body


Body20 is new, it’s innovative, it’s international and it’s the edge to your workouts you have been searching for. Here is my experience and why I will be signing my membership very, very soon.

I didn’t believe it. Five hours worth of conventional exercising in the gym within 20 minutes? Toning, weight loss, cellulite reduction, minimisation of aches and pains, all in 20 minutes once a week? No way. Being the avid ‘gym-body’ doing 60 minutes, five days a week, looking unattractively red in the face, sweating it out to achieve the aforementioned results, I’d always believed more, is more! However, I was extremely and completely wrong! Body20 really does all that and more and I have the proof to prove it!
Upon arrival at my first session, I was able to have a full-body assessment which calculated everything, yes, everything- From water mass, fat percentage, muscle weight, strength distribution, metabolic rate and your correct body mass index. After my results were calculated, analysed and discussed, I was helped into my Body20 ‘armour’ before starting the most intense workout of my life (in a good way, I promise).

The first session consisted of ten minutes strength training and ten minutes cardio (Zumba with the fabulous Morne’) in order to gauge my fitness and strength levels, as well as my preferences. For me, my aim was to tone, strengthen, tighten and lengthen my muscles (pretty much the same as the entire female population) which meant that strength training was the perfect fit. After being warned that my muscles weren’t used to being so deeply stimulated and that stiffness may be a ‘thing’ for the next two days, I thought it would be a piece of cake with the usual ‘I’m stiff from my squat workout’ feeling the next morning. I was so, so wrong. Waking up the next morning was no easy feat. Rolling out of bed I felt as if I had never used my muscles before! My glutes, arms, shoulders and abs were ‘Eina’ but in a good way! Funny enough, it made me crave the next session. Before I delve into my sessions to follow and the results, let me explain the technology: The EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) mimics the body’s natural action of our central nervous system, sending electrical impulses to contract our deep muscle fibres.

In the 20 minute training session, the personal trainers take you through a one on one program which gives your body over 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout- can you understand my stiffness now? Now, depending on one’s level of fitness and goals, the sessions are either low impact (basic exercises are used to awaken the muscles) or high intensity where you are introduced to strong contractions and intense exercises to activate deep muscle hypertrophy. Luckily every program is customised to suit their clients in every way possible.

The Miha Bodytec technology hails from Germany and was developed by highly trained professionals, this means that it is first class technology which is completely safe to use. The EMS training is safe and uses low frequency, which does not harm or hurt the body. Muscles rely on electrical impulses from the central nervous system to contract naturally and EMS mimics this principle. This is why the sending of electrical impulses to muscles for strength training and fitness is so effective. Back to the training: Arriving at my second session, I knew (well, I thought I knew) what to expect and was ready for it. This was definitely not the case. My trainer, Nicole, thought I’d had my initiation and decided to test my “I go to the gym everyday” fitness levels.

After handing me weights and doing 20 solid minutes (not a ten, ten split of strength and cardio) of arms, abs, glutes and shoulders (the works) I was drenched! I felt as if I had been working out for three solid hours! The muscle contractions made me feel my muscles really working and holding the squats and lunges during contractions became a mean feat! Needless to say, the next morning was not easy and walking into the office feeling sorry for myself was met with laughter from all.

The good part of this? By session three I was ready and waiting and my body (now fully initiated) could get up the following morning, no problem! I would say that by the third workout, I was hooked. I was feeling stronger in my everyday training, my lower back pain started dissipating and my fitness level was swiftly on the rise as I didn’t look like a drowned rat after my usual spin class! I was so excited to go back come the next few sessions that I was waiting in reception almost 30 minutes early-that never happens! The greatest thing about Body 20 is that it is done and dusted within 20 minutes and you really feel as if you have worked out- endorphins, tingly skin and all!

The feeling I started getting post-workout was amazing. I felt sore where I’d opted for extra pads (extra stimulation) and I started feeling overall firmer and leaner! Not only, but I noticed a dramatic difference in my metabolism! So used to eating three meals a day (no hunger pangs in between) I now feel the need to rather have smaller meals more frequently as was initially suggested at my full-body assessment.

Now that the sessions are done and dusted I can honestly say I see greater definition in the muscles, feel more toned and stronger all around! Besides my metabolic rate increasing, my muscle weight has increased, fat percentage decreased and centimetres decreased. Overall, results were definitely seen all over! I haven’t had to train for Iron Man, but if I did I would simply do 20 minutes with Body 20 over a few weeks and I feel like a new woman! I will be back for more as the bug has bitten, hard! Please do yourself a favour, go have a try for yourself and experience the results!


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