Ballito is one of the oldest towns on the Northcoast and it has certainly come along way from what it once was a good few years ago. Before Ballito became the hot tourist seaside attraction it is today competing with Umhlanga it was a very small beach town.

A lot of people have become custom to what Ballito is now and have forgotten or don’t know how it all started out and how it looked before all the development and building of big shopping malls, housing and estates, Below we have gathered some old photographs of Ballito for you to enjoy.


A postcard written in 1966 showing the Salt Rock Caravan Park. Photo Cred: Sandy Coughlan

Lions flea market on the grounds where our New KWIK SPAR is situated now. Photo Cred: Leon Botha

An old photo taken at the hole in the wall at Thompsons Bay, date unknown. Photo Cred: Warren Loader

Umhlali, which used to be the centre of Ballito back in the day, around the 1980s. Photo Cred: Warren Loader

An aerial view of the popular Thompsons Bay, date unknown. Photo Cred: Warren Loader


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All photos were taken from Facebook group North Coast History