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As The Coronavirus arrives in SA, here’s what you can do.

Corona virus

As the Coronavirus or COVID-19 as it is more commonly known now, is confirmed to have arrived in SA, and more specifically in KZN we’d prefer to stay positive and not get caught in the negative hype or promote a “doom and gloom” mindset but to rather look to keep safe and healthy through known preventative measures. Here’s a few of those measures to help keep you and those close to you protected.


  1. Wash Your Hands and wash them often – this is very important as the virus is most commonly transmitted from the hand to the mouth so keep washing those hands. If you’re not always near a water source then it’s a good idea to carry around with you a good quality hand sanitizer so you can disinfect your hands on the go. You can get this from Dischem, AlphaPharm and Clicks to name a few stores locally.
  2. Refrain from touching your face – this is very important, even if you do wash your hands as suggested in the previous point there is always a chance that the virus could still spread.
  3. Stock up on the basics like foods, toiletries, and medical supplies. This is just a precautionary measure and will stop you visiting crowded places where the virus can spread. We’re definitely not proposing a bunker mindset or not trying to go about your daily routine – just try to avoid crowded places if you’re concerned.
  4. Try not to use hand railings on stairs and escalators. We all know everyone touches these as they use them for support when they use the stairs or escalators. Like the flu, the virus is transmitted here.
  5. Keep your distance – Many of the areas with high infection rates are trying to enforce a distance of 3m or more between people. This is a smart preventative measure if possible but also where reasonable. Our beaches have loads of space but other places are a little more difficult to navigate 🙂


Most importantly we support a “Don’t Panic” mindset. Extreme reactions cause extreme impact so let’s try to stay chill – which is our North Coast mindset – and understanding. If you are concerned or worried, contact your doctor as early as possible.

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