I’ve met Michy Morris a few times and what strikes me the most about her is the gentleness that almost seems to belie the fervour and ardent spirit with which she champions the cause she has made central to her life and business. Michy was introduced to the world of snorkelling and conservation when she started working for her current partner Duncan Pritchard, who employed her as an environmentalist and public relations officer in his company in 2012.


Before long, they made the move to the coast, which Michy tells me was the best decision they’ve made so far. The couple now have a beautiful baby girl together, and share a home here on the North Coast, in leafy green Salt Rock where one can almost forget where you are as you sit talking to Michy with the wind rustling the leaves and the soft tinkling of chimes in your ears.

As I sit with her and her beautiful 22month old daughter Gaia, I feel real hope for the future of our fragile coastline Although it may often seem as if conservation work is all just too little too late


The work that Michy and her partner Duncan are doing here on the coast is second to none


When asked what she sees for the future, Michy shares with me her dreams of starting an internship program for international travellers to come and get involved with conservation projects and experience our coastline and play their part in repairing some of the damage caused by external factors such as pollution and erosion of the delicate underwater ecosystems. All it takes is



Her overriding target is to create awareness and for this reason, Michy created her business Tidal Tao which focuses on sharing information and teaching people about our coastal underwater ecosystems through snorkel safaris and other organised conservation activities like beach clean-ups and whale and dolphin viewing.



If Michy and Duncan are part of a growing global collective of people who involve themselves in real and significant change then my only concern is how do we effect this change within ourselves and mobilise as part of this global movement, in whichever small a way.



The delicate yet powerful pull of the ocean and her inhabitants almost seems to reverberate through Michy herself and as I leave our meeting, I can’t help but feel myself starting to question the delicate yet vital role we all play in conserving our oceans and our planet. If all it takes is being just a little bit more present and aware of the way we live and how we impact our environment, however infinitesimally, then I think it is totally possible for us all to be conservationists  in our own way.



If you would like to get involved with the work that Michy and Duncan are doing here on the North Coast, please get in touch with them on snorkel@tidaltao