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A KAP sani2c Supporters’ Guide

The postponed 2020 KAP sani2c 3 day mountain bike stage race takes place between 2 and 5 December, with riders cycling 265 kms from the Underberg area to Scottburgh. There are two versions of the event starting on consecutive days, with the Adventure riders starting on the 2nd, and the Race starts on the 3rd.


Supporters and spectators can meet the riders at designated spectator points on each day of the race. Collect a spectator map from registration/the start at Glencairn Farm or visit the sani2c website to get the Google map links. The sani2c route closely follows the Underberg to coast tar road – the R612. Glencairn Farm is on the Sani Pass Road in Himeville just a few kilometres from Underberg.

To download the spectator map or get the google coordinates, go to https://sani2c.co.za/ride/supporters


More detailed information:


On day 1, a lovely stop for supporters is at the PG Bison Floating Bridges where you can help yourself to pancakes, tea and coffee provided by the residents of Pevensey Place Cerebral Palsy Home for Adults, as riders choose the left or the right option from the dual floating bridges across Sappi’s Mossbank Dam.


Where the R612 meets the R617 there is a water point run by the Pevensey Place team, which is always a festive spot for supporters to connect with their riders. Day 1 finishes at Mackenzie Country Club which can be reached via the R 617.

Waterpoint 1 on Day 2 is the first option for supporters and can be found at the R56’s St Josephine’s bridge. Another accessible point is waterpoint 3 for the day, back on the R612, near the old St James Parish. Kings Harvest Academy is the finish location for Day 2 at Stuartsville, Hluthankungu location area, and riders will then carry on to Jolivet Farm to camp overnight.


Day 3 starts at Jolivet Farm, and the first spectator point is at top of Clint’s Climb. If you are supporting a rider who had a tough and long day 2 in the saddle, this is a good place to wait and check in. Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve is a very popular location for supporters on day 3 and you can see riders at the spectator point within the reserve or catch them at the entrance.


From Vernon Crookes you can drive towards Umzinto for about 10 kms and then turn left to merge onto the N2 – you will start to spot riders to the left of the N2. Take exit 110 towards Scottburgh, where you can make your way to the bridge to look down on the riders approaching the beach via floating bridges, or go to the main beach to give them some final encouragement. The finish is then at Scottburgh Golf Club.

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