6:35am : Don’t you hate those people who get up at 6:30am? Totally unrealistic, in my opinion. Us freelancers enjoy those extra 5 minutes of stress-free sleep.

7:00am : Time for some green juice and an easy early morning yoga stretch. Good Morning, muscles!

7:30am : Open up my emails and check if anything is urgent, any unimportant mails get pushed to my official ‘work time’ later today. I check Travel With Lamb’s Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/travelwithlamb/) and Instagram (instagram.com/travelwithlamb) accounts, reply to any comments or direct messages followed by a quick check of my clients pages too. A quick session on Skype to get back to my international developer finishes off the hour of work.

8:30am : Starting to feel the itch of coffee, shall I give in to temptation? Since returning from my recent trip through Namibia and Botswana, I’ve been successfully keeping the coffee cravings at bay. Maybe it was the annoyance of the continued delays from my developers that makes me take a quick trip to Lifestyle Woolies to grab my first cup.

9:00am – 10:00am : A little shopping and errand running never hurt nobody!

10:00am – 11:30am : Pedicure time with Phindi at WOW Hair Studios to help reload the batteries and, to recharge with another coffee. Because, priorities.

12:00pm : Time to work – and eat! Nothing like a view of the ocean to make you forget you’re actually WORKING! Would you look at that? More emails! Besides my wonderful clients, my blog gets anything from half a dozen to two dozen emails throughout the day. Mostly, it’s promotional stuff to help with lead generation or similar, otherwise, it’s people wanting to send product for promotional posts. I have to go through it all, as there may be a company I’d really like to work with and I don’t want to miss the opportunity.

The Concha waiters are the BEST and most welcoming staff I have encountered in Ballito. They always see me during the week (thanks to the fast internet and sea views) and they always know my coffee order and that I’m vegetarian etc. It’s all in the details. Today, they asked me to try a custard croissant for ‘testing’ purposes. I took my job very seriously and reported that it wasn’t poisonous and was the best calorie-free croissant I have EVER tasted.

More of my favourite working spots in Ballito at the end of the post!

2:00pm : Meeting with a client with the view of the ocean in front of us… Life could be a lot worse!

3:30pm : Time for some yoga. You will never find me far from my mat! On expedition, I kept it in close proximity so I can whip it out at any moment… When it comes to freelancing, people forget that YOU are your own boss and sticking to your routine or deadlines is your responsibility. Exercising regularly helps with my productivity.

5:00pm : Final look at my email and to put the finishing touches on my work day. This could be from editing photos, video, blog posts, signing-off on graphics, answering Skype messages or simply looking up current Social Media trends.

5:30pm : My office is now closed. What good is working for yourself if you can’t take the night off once in a while? The plans for this evening include knitting and watching documentaries like the rock star that I am!

Things to note:

Let’s not get the impression that freelancing is ‘easy’, it requires a lot of work and networking. This was a very quiet and pleasant day, which isn’t always the case. Would I change it for anything else? Absolutely not. I love the chaos of a busy day and I love the chill of a quieter one. It’s the inconsistency of freelancing that keeps life exciting!

Other places I love to work at:

  • Zara’s
  • Sound Café
  • Vovo Telo
  • My couch with Lorde Archibald assisting me – this is what he does when he doesn’t approve of a graphic sent by my designer:

Ballito is an AMAZING place to be a freelancer. Answering emails to the sounds of the ocean and taking breathers on the promenade makes for a wonderful way of life.

Aren’t we lucky??