I Love Ballito

A Crawford Hit!

What do you get when you leave a wanna-be boy scout, a small-town couple and some plane crash victims or, ahem, survivors, stranded together in Tweekakkerlakkemeteenvoetgetrapville [SPELLING AND NAME?]? A brilliant performance by the drama and dance departments from Crawford College North Coast! The drama, intrigue and comedy was delivered to us in such a way that we really could not stop laughing as we were completely immerged into this chaotic play titled Stranded”.

Directed and produced by the school’s amazing Drama teacher, [FULL NAME], the students were given the opportunity to really have some fun and develop their skills and this play that is truly worthy of international awards!

The play also wasn’t the only thing the audience could stand in awe of during this production! We also got the dance to admire the beautiful and well-constructed set and the energetic and professional dancers that were introduced into the production. Furthermore, we also enjoyed the amazing audio and visual effects in the play, adding to the play in a way that was completely indescribable.

I cannot argue that it was a slightly emotional evening in some ways too, as the play was dedicated in the loving memory of [Names], some of Crawford’s students recently tragically lost in a motor vehicle accident. It was also one of the last productions in which the matric students could take part in, in their high school careers. On a positive note, it is also great to know that some of these brilliant actors and actresses move on to highly-acclaimed tertiary institutions dedicated to the arts, like AFDA.

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