I’m away a lot. I have itchy feet, what can I say? While I’m away I have one constant, the promise of home. Knowing your roots allows you to expand your branches wherever you feel fits you most.


On my two-hour drive home today listening to my VERY old CD of Tracy Chapman, I had a think of what I’d include in this post. The hills of Kwa-Zulu Natal were flashing passed my windows but all I could smell was that sea air. I smiled and turned up Fast Car as I thought; this is going to be SO easy.


1. Home. I thought the ocean would crack the top spot, but there is nothing better than the peace and tranquility of a home here in Ballito. I’ve lived in the same house for 26 of my 28 years and I wouldn’t change a brick.

2. The Sea Air. Spending many months on islands can store beautiful sights and sounds in your memory bank, but no memory touches on our salty sea air. I’ve visited many beaches, but it’s tough to find another smell like the ocean in Ballito. Is there anything better than stepping onto our promenade and taking that initial deep breath of salty goodness? After a year abroad, it becomes the sweet smell of nostalgia and full-blown happiness!


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3. The ability to relax. This may be more to do with the familiarity of my surroundings, but I have this wonderful ability to relax to the max when I land at King Shaka International Airport. I know the road home and every speed hump (although, those continuously grow in number!); I could close my eyes and feel my way home from the back seat.

4. The beach. Oh, the beaches. The sand is what gets me. It’s the perfectly sized grains combined with the right amount of salt. Just enough to exfoliate and massage my feet, but not fine enough to cement itself to my skin. How strange that the first thing I think about is our sand? I’m definitely not a surfer! I must add, thank you Ballito for teaching me currents, that Salties shore break and getting to backline. I look like such a pro when I travel to other beaches. Chilled as a cucumber in the face of the scary sea!


5. The consistency and the rapid change. I don’t remember when all these new developments were built; I’m too chilled to notice disruptions in this town. I love that I can still stop at the BP for a quick coffee or the Boulevard for milk if I can’t muster up the strength for the larger malls. In the same breath, I love that I can explore new places and visit new restaurants on a weekly basis. Do we have the best of both worlds? I think we’re doing a good job of it!

Travel safe!

Love from,

Lamb xx