Have you walked past the window of a local fishing shop and thought, That’d be fun but all those gadgets?! Where do I start? or perhaps been down at the beach soaking up some Ballito goodness and looked on at the local fishermen wondering how to learn your way around a tackle box? Our coast offers many forms of fishing, whether you want to go zero-to-hero and spend a full day chasing game fish from a Ski-Boat, or spend a couple of hours around a local pond smashing some bass – there is an option to suit your budget, level of commitment and ability.


Rock & Surf

Think Ballito, think fishing, you’re likely picturing a fisherman standing out on the end of Chaka’s High Rock with his 11′ surf rod hurling a lump of sardine out into the waves. Rock & Surf is the simplest way to target some healthily sized marine species. If a box full of slobby sardine and endless staring into the blue yonder isn’t your idea of fun, spinning with spoons, plugs or plastics is a great active alternative. Modern technology has come to fishing with drones, which equipped with a bait releasing gadget fly your bait way out beyond casting range. If you’re looking for something a little different try the thrill of hooking a Wave Garrick on a salt water fly rig!



Ski-Boat & Jet-ski Fishing

The real McCoy – if you’re looking for a great day out on our Indian Ocean with the chance of catching everything from a shad to a marlin, this is the answer. The Ski-Boat has been evolving on the Natal coast since the advent of the outboard motor. Today’s machines are perfect for our local conditions and bear little resemblance to the wooden tubs pushed along by a 5hp British Seagull of 70 years ago. The excitement of being down on the beach pre-dawn, warming up motors before pushing in and racing to get through the surf before a greenie stands up and catches you is a bucket-list experience and right of passage for any self respecting North Coaster. The last decade has seen a huge surge in the popularity of Jet-Ski and Paddle-Ski based fishing, also a great way to enjoy the sport. {Have a read of local Chris Allen’s foray into Paddle-Ski fishing HERE.}




Do you have the time for a short drive? Estuary fishing in the Amatikulu, Zinkwazi, Mtunzini or even in the harbour opens up a whole new world. Local anglers can take their own boat, charter one, fish from a kayak or just fish off the bank. Estuarine fishing for Grunter is often successful on prawn bait, and great fun can be had with light tackle and bass lures.




Fresh water fishing in our area is largely for bass arguably the most fun species, although having a rod in the water baited for barbel or tilapia is a great idea while working your bass lure. There are many bass dams around, whether in the estates (Palm Lakes, Simbithi, Brettenwood) or on local farms. Bass fishing is my personal go-to, its super low hassle and they are aggressive hunters so it’s fantastic fun. Light tackle doesn’t break the bank and many spots (like Rain Farm) are great for the family. Don’t be shy to try for bass on a fly rod, they’ll readily take a popper or a wooly bugger!


Who to speak to…

If you have an idea of the kind of fishing you’d like to try (or even if you don’t!), stop by any one of our local fishing shops. The staff are all massive enthusiasts who can’t wait to share stories and are a wealth of knowledge on where to go and what tackle to take. They can also help you with permits for some of the farm dams.

Here are some contact details for you to try –

Basil Manning Fishing Equipment (Adam’s Business Park, Garlicke Drive)  032 586 0704

Hook Line & Sinker (Tiffany’s Centre & The Ballito Circle)  032 946 2303

If you’re keen to take on the deep blue, Dirty Harry Fishing Charters are real local experts and have a pair of great boats which they surf launch at Umhlali Ski Boat Club. If you’d like to know more, you can get hold of them on 082 579 3879