I write this to you sitting in a beautiful coffee shop in South Korea after walking in minus degree temperatures watching the snow. It’s an adventure and a somewhat welcome change to the warmth of a Ballito summer, although, I would like to be able to feel my fingers whilst typing this!

I had the pleasure of showing off our town last night whilst chatting to a Canadian who enjoys two months of summer’ a year. Ballito is an escape, people move to our shores to experience a peaceful start to their lives. I find myself returning home in between my travels for a moment’s quiet amidst the crazy hum of cities and other adventures. However, in recent years we’ve seen a spike in new residents gravitating towards our town and the roads aren’t as quiet and you might need to wait for a table at your favourite restaurant. There is a newfound need to find further peace and as a devout yogi, I may have found the places you seek!

Ballito Escape Spot Waterberry Travel with Lamb

Waterberry Forest Walk

Tucked behind one of my favourite coffee spots (it was actually the first place I ever worked at when I was 14 years old. I was a food runner and saved up all my earnings to purchase the new Britney Spears CD way back when) is a slice of peaceful heaven. The walk itself can be done in a matter of minutes, but I would recommend taking your time and absorbing what surrounds you. OR you can be like me and notice the yoga photo shoot opportunity! Small forests like this won’t be around forever and it’s a hum of nature you won’t forget.


travel with lamb yoga thompsons bay

Thompsons Bay BEHIND the Hole in the Wall

The famous backdrop for every photographer who visits our shores offers more than just it’s namesake. Head through the Hole in the Wall and make your way across the short stretch of beach to the stairs leading you up to the top of the hill, take the stairs and continue up the small footpath to the top. Take a breath and for those fellow meditators, you’ve found your new favourite spot. For those afraid of heights, find a spot amongst the smooth rocks found to the left of the wooden staircase.

Tip: Head there before sunset and you will bypass the crowds!

travel with lamb ballito promenade

The Ballito Promenade

OK, I’m sensing a few eye-rolls and I would ask that you give me a few minutes to tell you why. I understand everyone knows about the Ballito promenade, but there’s a reason it’s still so popular “ it serves as a reminder as to why we call Ballito home. The sea view, the happy sound of your steps along the wooden walkway, the smiling people walking their dogs, the locals getting in a bit of exercise with a brisk walk joined by their best friend, and you “ the person soaking it all in and realising how lucky you are to find yourself at that very spot.

I’ve seen some of the most beautiful sites in the world, but I’ve been lucky enough to return home, one of my favourite places in the world, to unwind. I know I’m not alone to want to escape from time to time so now it’s time to share! Please let me know YOUR favourite spots to escape to along our beautiful coastal town, leave them in the comments below.

I’m off to buy a latte to warm up these fingers!

Love from,

Lamb xx