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3 Fun Family Activities To Do On The Weekend In Ballito.


If you’re running out of ideas on what to do with your hubby or wifey and little ones on the weekend in this not so little town of Ballito we’ve got some ideas for you that we hope will help you fill your weekends with fun activities. Check them out below.

Tranquility, excitement, adventure, and discovery, these are the first 4 words that come to mind when we think of Monkeyland KZN. If you’re looking to drag your kids away from their tv or PlayStation and get them out into nature, Monkeyland is perfect for an almost full-day outing with the fam, on arrival you will be greeted at the reception where you can purchase your day passes for the Secret Primate forest game walk. if you’re feeling a little peckish you can sit down and relax at their in house cafe and order drinks and food PS we definitely recommend you try one of their woodfire pizzas. After a delicious lunch/breakfast you can then head down to the game vehicle which will then transport you to the entrance of the secret Primate forest for your game walk.

Entering the forest with your Qualified game walk guides you will be surrounded by over 120+ individual primates with 23 hectares of forest to play in which means you will never see all of them in a single game walk, therefore, Each time you do the forest walk will be a different experience and you can join as many tours during the day as you wish.


Check their website out for more info


A little closer to home you will find The Water Berry Cafe, they to have a forest walk, although not as vast in terms of length and animal species it’s a lovely place to go if you want to treat the fam for a delicious breakfast followed by a relaxing forest walk where you might be lucky enough to see some Duiker. If you’re looking to relax without having to worry about your kids you can send them off to the playground while you sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful forest environment. They also have awesome home made products and little trinkets and gifts available for purchase around the cafe.

Check their website out for more info


Last but not least, if the weather allows, you can take advantage of Ballito’s best feature, the beach!!, heading down the beach on a hot sunny day never gets old, just remember to pack a cooler bag with refreshments, an umbrella and lots of sunscreen, check out our article on Helpful Tips To Protect Your Skin From The Sun. Three awesome family-friendly beaches around Ballito are:

  • Willards Main Beach
  • Thompsons Bay Beach
  • Grannies Pool

Unfortunately at all of these beaches have, on occasion some blue bottles floating around. If you happen to get stung by one and you don’t know what to do you can check out our article on How To Treat A Blue Bottle Sting.

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