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There are too many people counting calories, and not enough counting Chemicals!

I am on a mission to remind us of the current state of our diets. In a fast paced world of corner cutting and convenience, we have somehow accepted defeat, and continue to cause more and more damage to our undernourished bodies. Even worse then this, is the fact that we are passing on these bad habits to the next generation.

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Through this, even the most health-conscious parents may be surprised to learn how often they are likely putting their children and selves at risk. So many of today’s health issues can be drastically assisted, prevented and cured by cleaning up our acts, and cleaning out our diets. No fuss, no frills cooking, with a simple, back to basics approach. When in doubt, I always ask myself What would Granny eat?

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Saltfreesaffa and the little girl behind its inspiration…

In December 2015, we were told out of the blue that our beautiful 2 year old daughter Rosie, had a condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease. Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is one of the world’s most common, yet life-threatening genetic diseases. It causes fluid-filled cysts to grow on the kidneys affecting kidney function and often leading to kidney failure and death.There is currently no treatment or cure for PKD. A transplant will eventually be our only option, and diet our only hope in inhibiting the disease. Through some tough circumstances it has now become by mission to educate wherever possible about the modern food we currently consume. We have to start understanding ingredients, reading labels and learning not to eat anything we cannot pronounce.

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All it takes is a few simple changes and you will physically see the results.

I cannot wait to share all the incredible knowledge I have learnt through this process, and am excited about things to come. We are fighting back against this ‘processed’ generation and arming ourselves with the information to take back control of our health and the future health of our kids! This way of eating covers so many health issues and can assist healing in so many ways. Those suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, pulmonary issues, ADHD, learning difficulties, cancer, the list goes on and on.

i love ballito dawn home grown

It all begins with the best possible ingredients. Whenever possible, I select organic from a wonderful little store called Home Grown situated in the pretty Litchi Orchard. Dawn has an incredible passion for organic foods and is my life line in creating recipes and keeping our family fed well.

Step 1 – Just Start!

  • Buy fresh.
  • Buy local when available.
  • Buy Organic whenever possible.
  • Buy fruit and Veg in its purest form (and yes that does refer to pre-cut veg unfortunately. Veggies and fruit start losing nutrients the moment they are cut and stored for extended periods)
  • Buy as much food as you can that does not require a food label or ingredient list.


Make the time to cook from scratch wherever possible, and make food and the nourishment we put into our bodies our top priority . The excuses end here! Nothing, is more important then our health and the health of our children.

Stay tuned for more information and some amazing recipes from Malindi, the Salt Free Saffa! You can read more about her life and find more recipes on her blog HERE.

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