I Love Ballito

The Erasmus Twins – Trail Kings of the North Coast.

Steven and Andrew Erasmus are Trail Runners. They are also twins… And they are fast. And cheerful. So cheerful.

I know that sounds like a good thing… But when the guy that runs past hasn’t broken a sweat, grins, and slows down for a chat while your lungs are burning white hot and you are hoping that someone is standing by with a resuscitation trolley…it’s not so cool to witness that cheerfulness coupled with the effortless way that he runs away from you. Then.. imagine having to repeat the experience seconds later with someone that looks exactly the same who does the same thing. It’s enough to make your head explode.

We got together with the two of them for a photo shoot recently and got to quiz them about being running machines, twins and training in Ballito.

Please give us a quick summary of your background and proudest achievements?

Steven: 1st at Hobbit100 2015, 2nd at Fish River Cayon 2014, 1st at Mnweni 2013 & 2015.

Andrew: I started as a road runner and found a passion for Trail running in 2013. My proudest moments are placing 2nd at Fish River Canyon in the 100km in 2014 & 2015, 1st at AfricanX in 2014 and 1st at Non-Stop Wartrail 2017 (280km). Being part of the Salomon Team is definitely one of the highlights of my running career!

What is the coolest thing about being sponsored athletes? 

The coolest thing about being sponsored by Salomon is definitely being part of the team! We have got to meet some pretty cool people along the way and not to mention the kit, the kit is awesome!!

What is the coolest thing about being twin athletes? (Ie. Does only one of you need to try on a pair of shoes to know if they would work for both of you?)

The coolest thing is that we get to train together and push each other every step of the way.

Tell us about training in Ballito? 

Ballito is a superb place to train. We have so many keen athletes in the area that are always happy to go for a run. We have a top class running club, Dolphin Coast Striders, with athletes that have a world of knowledge and are always happy to give advice.

Do you have some favourite parts of Ballito to run? Stairs? Beach? Sugarcane? 

I have a few favourite places to run in Ballito but nothing beats a morning run with my wife along the promenade with the sunrise as a background . We have a killer set of  steps in Ballito that is always a challenge and for long runs we have Holla Trails just down the road.

You guys love running in the mountains.. Isn’t it hard living at sea level to race at altitude?

It is hard to acclimatise but we try to sneak off to the mountain as often as possible so the lungs can become accustomed to hurting.

Are there times when you race each other, or do you take turns in winning if you can?

We are always racing each other. But we are always willing to help each other out on race day.

Do you have different strengths?

 We are fairly similar in strengths and weaknesses I think it comes down to the day and who is having a better day or willing to push harder.

Why are you always in such a good mood?!

 Most of the time its because I’ve just been for a run!

If you could just run, for the rest of your life… Would you?

Sounds tempting! I think it is good to have a few things to direct your attention to. Life is too short for just one sport.

What are the next events the two of you are aiming at?

I am doing Karkloof 100 miler in September and Skyrun in November. Steven is running Ultra-Trail Cape Town which is now part of the world trail running circuit so it is going to be a world class event with world class athletes!

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