What is I Love Ballito?

I Love Ballito is a media company that partners with small to medium sized businesses in the Ballito area to assist them with their digital and online marketing needs.

What would you like your business to be like in 5/10 years time?

We don’t just look at you and your business as a short term way to make money. We look at finding ways to contribute to you and work with you in a way that will assist your business to expand into the future. Think of us as your own in house media team.

What can we do for you?

Online Advertising – Would you like to have more customers and make more money?

Graphic Design – How many more customers could you acquire with professionally done graphics?

Content Creation – Everything in the digital world is about content! Do you need photos or videos taken?

Social Media Management – Would you like to acquire more customers through social media?

Website Design – A website is your point of contact online, what if it could help you get more business?

Copy-writing – Attractive and well written copy can dramatically increase the way people see your business!

Consulting – Would you like to educate yourself or your team about online marketing? Call us!