Established in 2003, Oasis Water is a franchised business operation and currently has over 280 outlets in South Africa. With the ever-growing global need for a reliable, fresh and clean water source, Oasis has extended its footprint as far as Namibia and Botswana, and of course here in our home town: Ballito.

You may be wondering what makes Oasis Water’s H20 so pure, and to that we say, read on! Not only does Oasis Water rely on existing infrastructure to function, it also uses a public distribution system as its water supply, thus keeping material costs and purification costs to a minimum – making it extremely cost-efficient for consumers. Although the water does come from a public distribution system, their water is a far cry from the water you get when opening a tap, and this has a lot to do with their intricate purification process. On top of the standard Sand, Carbon and Element filtration etc.,  Oasis water take things one step further with the use of “Reverse Osmosis” which removes 98% of all dissolved solids, including sodium. By implementing the process of “Ozonation”, which kills all bacteria and viruses, as well as sterilizing the container, the benefits of Oasis Water have been endorsed by medical practitioners. 

If you are environmentally conscious, like we are at I Love Ballito, you might think “but what happens to all the plastic bottles after they have been used?”. Well, thanks to Oasis Water’s environmentally friendly business model, the company is very proactive in reusing and recycling as much plastic as possible. Oasis Water is a Petco approved company, which means that all of their plastic bottles are made from recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable thereafter. They are also 100% free from harmful chemicals, thus making their bottles 100% safe to refill and reuse! So instead of just throwing it away, take your empty bottle to one of Oasis Water’s branches and they will gladly refill your empty Oasis Water bottle. This is all part of their #wecarestaygreen environmental campaign to reduce plastic waste. 

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