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Meet Mister Smith – A Rockstar Dad!

Jarryd Smith is something of an enigma, charismatic and charming with a laugh that goes on for days. A self-proclaimed petrolhead, one look at his beautifully curated Instagram feed speaks volumes about his deep seated love for anything with a set of wheels and showcases many of the big boys toys he is lucky enough to play with on a regular basis.


By day, intrepid financial planner, by night vlogger and pocket square enthusiast, Jarryd is the epitome of a mans man! His perfectly groomed beard and stylish ensemble demonstrate an unwavering attention to detail and his easy sense of humour and uproarious laugh belie a man who is truly comfortable in his own skin. This is something he would like to be able to share with other men, especially those who dont necessarily fall into the category of chiselled 6-pack and expensive Calvin Klein suit, that seems to be the societal norm these days.


Having worked on large scale Social Media Marketing campaigns with impressive brands like Mercedes Benz, Jarryd has cultivated a deep understanding of the online space and the power and potential of viral content to truly change the way people think and perceive the world. In this way, he’s been able to combine his knowledge and expertise in the online realm with the aspects of his life he really enjoys which is how the concept of his website – Mister Smith – was born. Mistersmith.co.za encompasses everything the modern man finds important in this day and age, but with a real component that is more often than not lost in much local guy content.


Whether it’s something as easy as matching your belt to your shoes or the simple suggestion of growing a beard to help a colleague feel a little more manly, Jarred is on a quest to get real men to the point where they are able to feel comfortable and confident in themselves; and in his own way, spread positivity at a time where so much of the content we interact with is the exact opposite. He talks about how he’s become the go-to fashion guy in his 9-5 office job as a Financial Planner and how he has always been keen to create a platform for men to connect with each other and find useful nuggets of information that would contribute to them building the confidence he often sees lacking in men.


As an extension of his online presence, Jarryd has recently made a foray into the world of video blogging or vlogging and sees these vlogs as a way for him to immortalise his legacy and create a living scrapbook of memories for his family and friends for years to come. After having travelled across and seen much of the globe, Jarryd maintains that the stretch of coastline starting on the North Coast of KZN is the most spectacular in the world and on many days you’ll find him chasing sunrises, sunsets and serendipity, camera in hand.


Jarryd’s wife Natalie is his biggest fan and most ardent supporter whom he affectionately calls Mrs Smith and on rainy days in Ballito, the Smiths and their two boys pile into the 4×4 and head out in search of mud, puddles and general carnage. Jarryd would like to foster a love for the great outdoors in his kids and 5-year old Kai is already riding waves and motorbikes! At home, Kai and his younger brother Hunter only sit still long enough to watch a motocross or surfing video on YouTube before they are are amping to get back on the beach or up to mischief in the forests of Simbithi.


Jarryd is having such a great time exploring and discovering Ballito and the North Coast with his boys, and documenting their journey every step of the way! He totally rocks the cool dad angle and his lifestyle bears testament to the fact you truly can have it all a great family life, solid career, fun, adventure and all the other good things life has to offer.


What he truly loves about Ballito, (and this comes up again and again) is the tight-knit community and the sense that, whatever’s going on, someone always has your back! Everyone here has a story to tell and we’re able to laugh at ourselves, yet the love and support we share with each other is something truly special.Jarryd has this Friedrich Nietzsche quote on his website which I thought sums up what he is creating towards quite nicely!

“Mankind ought constantly to be striving to produce Great Men this and nothing else is its duty.

And truly what is a great man without his pocket square?

If you’d like to visit Jarryd Smith’s blog, click HERE.

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