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48 Hours at the Coast – Yoga.

As a Yogi, I generally migrate to the quieter parts of the world. I find myself searching for peaceful surroundings and warm hearts versus the bustle of the cities and the heights of the skyscrapers. Ballito will always allow me a certain level of tranquility and calm, with it’s stretched coastlines and familiarity, so it’s with a heavy (but peaceful!) heart that I’ll be leaving her shores again in August for a new adventure in South Korea. The pull of adventure is still strong within this traveller, but I know I can always come home and I will.

Speaking of such calm and peace, it’s come to my attention that Ballito ticks all the boxes of a Yogi’s paradise! As a devout Yogi and firm lover of all things Yoga, I’d like to share my favourite spots around town and share my perfect 48 hours in Ballito.

Monday – {Wake up: 6:30 am} Yoga with Megan starts at 7:30am at her beautiful new studio at the Home and Decor Center in Douglas Crowe Avenue. For those who frequent our local Virgin Active, she also holds classes there throughout the week. (Best you check out her schedule HERE.)

{9:00am.} Feeling slightly hungry, time to rack up those loyalty stamps at Kauai! Smoothie and Floo Shot for the win is anyone else feeling the winter chills a bit more? Brrrr!

{10:00am – 4:00pm.} Yes, the rumours are true I do have to work Sometimes. I’ve always been mindful of my posture when I work and I seldom sit for longer than 45 minutes without getting up and moving my body around. If I can, I often substitute my work chair for a medicine ball and my favourite music to work to? Mind-calming Sigur Ros or traditional Balinese Music.

{4:00pm.} YES! It’s time for yoga again and this time it’s in my own happy place with my favourite incense burning (I pick up all my incense from Taspa Experience in Salt Rock Nag Champa is my favourite! You can find them on Facebook HERE.) Home practice is something that slowly develops over time, and I would definitely recommend attending classes for several months, if not longer, before bringing your practice home. We can never stop learning from our instructors, so ALWAYS continue going to classes.

Tuesday – {Wake up: 5:30am} Yes, you read that right. Up early for a sunrise yoga session at Devahiti Yoga beginning at 6am – is there a better way to start your morning than with peaceful surroundings such as this? Find your focus and purpose for the day that lies ahead… ( Find them on Facebook HERE.)

{7:30am.} Time for my favourite Vanilla Chai tea with ginger purchased from Tree Natural at the Ballito Junction Mall. No one will judge you if you add a little bit of honey promise. For those looking for some extra fire in the morning  be brave and add half a teaspoon of turmeric!

{9:00am.} A walk on the beach followed by a meditation session on the quiet beaches passed The Hole in the Wall. I’ve mentioned this space in my previous post and it still stands as on of my favourite corners of peace in this busy world. (Read more about that HERE.)

{10:00am – 4:00pm.} Work. Work. Blah blah blah When can I yoga?

{4:00pm} YOGA! A rather excitable springer spaniel or a greedy fluff ball of a cat asking for tuna often interrupt my home sessions  but that just makes things interesting!

{6:00pm} The perfect way to end off my 48 hours of Yogi Goodness would be to tuck into a delicious vegetarian meal before I soak in a tub of Epsom salts infused with Eucalyptus Oil from Azikho health store. The perfect way to naturally restore those muscles after all that yoga!

I hope you enjoyed my little yoga diary my dream is to encourage others to try yoga and see how it changes your daily lifestyle choices. It’s turned my world around and continues to do so every time I step onto my mat (I call it my magic carpet true story!).


Tammy Lambson is a successful travel blogger, avid Yogi and a local Ballito girl. You can read more about her adventures in Ballito and all over the world on her blog Travel With Lamb.

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